Welcome to the Thrift Books Library Program

The Thrift Books’ Library Program provides an easy solution for libraries and schools to earn top dollar for their discarded and donated books. Our Library Program allows you to maximize your earning potential by utilizing our national network of distribution centers to sell your books worldwide on numerous online marketplaces. We offer easy shipping options, monthly commission payments, access to a real-time reports, a personalized website, and no pre-scanning is required. Simply send us your books and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our easy and flexible library program is as easy as 1-2-3

Did You Know?

  • We Have Sold Over 1,000,000 Ex-Library Books Since 2005
  • We Have Donated Over 1,000,000 Books Worldwide
  • We Have Saved Over 200,000,000 Books From Landfills
  • We Have 9 Total 3P Distribution Centers in The United States
  • We Process Over 150,000 New Books Every Day
  • We Sold Over 10,000,000 Books in 2010