"Thrift Books offers our Foundation a revenue source based on book value, easy to read monthly statements, great customer service and an online presence on their website. As online sales and vendors have multiplied over the years, Thrift Books has continued to leverage its technological experience and to enhance its visibility in the marketplace, which, in turn, significantly enhances the sales of our titles. I highly recommend working with the Thrift Books team."
- KCLS Foundation

"Thrift Books has been great to work with for the past three years! It’s wonderful to see our surplus materials go to good use and for us to get some money back, rather than having them just end up in a landfill somewhere. Thrift Book’s reports are very detailed so it’s easy to see how much money we made from our surplus items for any given month, what our top sellers were, what the average price of each book sold for, etc. Everyone at Thrift Book’s is easy to communicate with, very helpful, and we’ve been very happy with their excellent customer service."
- Pierce County Library System

"Thrift Books helped us solve a difficult problem: The disposal of books and other materials no longer suitable for our public library collection. Before our partnership with Thrift Books, we worked with our Friends of the Library groups to sell books at annual book sales. While these books sales were a lot of fun, they were a lot of work and didn’t bring in a lot of money. Most books were sold for an average of 10 to 25 cents each. We were not able to capture the full value for items such as first editions. Through Thrift Books, we are clearly receiving much closer to the full price for our rare and valuable discarded items. It is very important to us that Thrift Books is able to recycle much of what they are unable to sell. I have found Thrift Books to be conscientious, trustworthy and responsive. I heartily recommend their services to all libraries."
- North Central Regional Library

"I am SO IMPRESSED! First off, you had our thousands of books listed within just a few days. That alone was amazing! And then to be able to see sales by highest sellers, by fastest sellers, by price point was great as the month progressed. And your month-end report is fabulous!!! We also really appreciated that you met our drivers at the loading dock and unloaded those books so efficiently. Great customer service! Thank you! We're thrilled to have "discovered" Thrift Books!"