About Us

Thrift Books was founded in July 2003 in a small storage unit in Kirkland, WA with a commitment to provide quality cheap used books at the lowest prices anywhere. Thrift Books has emerged from its modest beginnings to become the nation’s largest online seller of used books with a growing international presence. Now based in Seattle, Washington, Thrift Books has distribution facilities in nine states and over 300 employees. It carries nearly 6,000,000 used books in stock at any given time and processes over 100,000 books each day.
Thrift Books has many longstanding relationships with libraries and offers both long and short term opportunities to its partners.  Thrift Books’ size, technology and expertise allow it to have some of the lowest costs in the industry.   These savings are passed on to Thrift Books’ partners in the form of higher returns.

Thrift Books works in coordination with library systems nationwide to help them raise funds by selling their used library and donated books. Thrift Books has sold more than 1,000,000 ex-library books since 2004.