Partnering with Thrift Books’ Library Program enables your discarded and donated books to be placed on numerous online market places that offer a wider selection, worldwide exposure and easier access than any physical bookstore can. Tent sales are not only very costly but require months of effort and planning.  With Thrift Books’ free and easy program, simply send in your books and all of the work will be done for you! We take care of the listing, pricing, mailing, customer service and tech support. Thrift Books’ Library Program offers a custom storefront on their website which drives potential customers to a particular library system’s inventory which directly benefits the donor library.  Thrift Books creates the storefront, hosts it on their servers and performs any necessary maintenance—all at no cost to you.  Books purchased directly from your personalized Thrift Books webpage are not subject to third party seller fees thus providing you with higher profits. View the personalized storefront for the KCLS Foundation, now the largest circulation library in the U.S., at

In addition to listing your items on your personalized Thrift Books webpage, your books will be listed on all major internet marketplaces including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, AbeBooks, and Half (a subsidiary of eBay) along with many of their international affiliates.  Thrift Books’ proprietary software will ensure that your book is competitively priced and is listed prominently when a potential book buyer is searching for that particular book.

A reporting and tracking center is provided for all Library Program Partners free of charge. This feature allows you to view and save numerous reports and statistics about your account in real time. You will find a detailed listing of each book sold, inventory levels and any possible returns. Each partner will receive a unique username and password to the report center. Everything you’d like to know about your account with us is located on this website and is accessible at any time.

The opportunity to easily list your books online will dramatically increase the likelihood of selling unusual and difficult-to-find books. Your books will be viewed by hundreds of millions of potential customers worldwide. In fact, unique and antiquarian books are often easier to sell and usually receive a much higher price.

Partnerships with Thrift Books can be used to either replace or supplement existing book sales by your library.  Many of Thrift Books’ partners continue to utilize temporary book sales or sale tables, often in conjunction with local organizations. There is no need to wait for a book sale with Thrift Books, you can send books anytime and receive your first check right away.

The Library Program partnership is designed to be easy and flexible and allows you to list as many or as few books online as you would like.

Thrift Books’ goal is to return the greatest amount of revenue back to their partners so the libraries can decide how the funds will be used. Library Program partners have used the money raised for capital improvements, purchasing new library books, supporting literacy programs, and much more.  Thrift Books’ accounting department is committed to providing monthly and regular payment to its profit-sharing library partners.